Chong Jia Food


493, Jurong West Street 41


Special marinated Drumsticks Steamed Rice
(鸡腿盅仔饭) —— $4.70

Taiwanese Braised pork with rice
(台湾卤肉饭)—— $5.00

Minced Meatball Congee
(肉圆粥)——- $3.20

Lean Pork and Century Egg Congee
(皮蛋瘦肉粥)——- $3.20

Shredded Chicken Congee
(鸡丝粥)——- $3.20

Briaed Peanut
(卤花生) ——$2.00

Mirin Zucchini Salad
(味淋沙拉) —–$2.00

#Additional $0.80 for congee with extra egg.

How to Order:

Open daily except Friday from 8am to 7pm.
WhatsApp or SMS to order : 94759213
Limited period only, take out only.