Durian Express Delivery


Available Fresh Durian Type:
Black Gold MSW $28/KG
?Order in seal pack:
⚖1.6kg (With Husk)=400g pack (Without Husk)
⚖2.4kg (With Husk)=600g pack (Without Husk)
⚖3.2kg (With Husk)=800g pack (Without Husk)
⚖4kg (With Husk)=1000g pack (Without Husk)
1.6kg BG MSW =$44.80 =400g pack

?Paynow: UEN 53407245C
?Per location
?Normal Delivery: $9.50 (within 3 hrs)
?Express delivery $13.50 (within 1 hrs)
?(Free Normal Delivery: $8O.OO above)
⏰Delivery (1100hrs-2359hrs)
Pre Order Time Slot:
⏰11am to 2pm
⏰2pm to 5pm
⏰6pm to 9pm
⏰9pm to 12am

?Last Order 10:30pm

How to Order:

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