Founder Bak Kut Teh


Hotel Boss; #01-09 Jln Sultan, 500, Singapore 199020

Opening hours:

9am – 5pm


Each dish comes with its own quirky title and a backstory.

Too Moody To Eat (当我们不想吃饭时) is Marinated Garlic Chicken, a dish my Mama often cook to entice my siblings and I to the dinner table.
Cheeky Secret (妈妈的秘密) was a brilliant idea by my Mama to make sure we eat our veggies, sneakily mixing spinach and mushrooms into her homemade tofu – we did not realise till much later.


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🛵Free Islandwide delivery with min purchase of $30: 10am to 9pm (WhatsApp Message us at 8896 5136)

If you are near us, arrange for self pick-up and enjoy 10% off.