Mai Xiang Yuan 麦香园


503 West Coast Drive Stall 10

Opening hours:

11am to 9pm (Closed on Thurs)


Her specialty is her homemade Ngo Hiong (五香), fried to crispy perfection on the outside but succulent and juicy on the inside. Because of this gourmet item, her stall was awarded as the top 10 Ngio Hiong Stalls in the City Hawker Food Hunt 2016 organised by 新明日报 and City Gas!

Her BBQ chicken wings / thighs / spring chickens are grilled over charcoal fire to achieve just the right amount of smoking-hot charred flavour on the ends of the wings, but retaining all the meat juices inside it.

How to order:
1) Submit your order form here:
Dover, Commonwealth, Holand, Bukit Timah:
CCK/Bukit Panjang/Bukit Batok:

We will stop order taking at 9pm the day before for lunch orders and 2pm on the actual day for dinner orders, so as to facilitate our logistics planning.

Delivery Instructions:

min order of $15 for $5 delivery charge