Pin He Famous Seafood White Bee Hoon @ Haig Road


Haig Road Market and Food Centre
14 Haig Rd, #01-55, Singapore 430014

Opening hours:

11am to 8pm (Monday to Sunday)


This stall really serves up really good seafood white bee hoon, u-mian and ban mian.
For the seafood white bee hoon, each plate is served with a large amount of highly fresh and tasty prawns, fish, clams, kai lan and flavourful seafood broth. The stall owner also cooks each serving of bee hoon individually albeit the process being more tedious as compared to cooking several servings at once. This is to ensure that each serving can be cooked to perfection for each of his customers.

In essence, what differentiates their stall from other ban-mian stalls is that their noodles have a highly delectable texture and that their pork meatballs are really fresh.

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